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What do I do if a client wants permanent secrecy??
I was hired for a rush fursuit job, the client is outside the fandom and this was ordered to represent their business, I got the job done and asked if I could debut it now or if I should be polite and wait until after it's planned public use.... and I was told "Unfortunately we would prefer that it doesn't get used as we are paying full amount to have created" this was never agreed upon up front.
As the artist I reserve the right to post pictures of the product online yes??? And if they insist on my keeping the creation of it private then I can charge them a sizable surcharge correct???
EDIT: I have been told that I by all means hold the right to share photos of my work. Also someone told me a 300% fee for a "sale of rights" is normal, is this correct?
 I am going to tell them all I want is the ability to share images of the piece, I don't even have to say what/who it was made for and they can otherwise have all the rights to the head, and if they still want it kept private then I
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I wish there was a way to block out all the nasty T-Cest pictures... makes me sick seeing it in my notifications every day...
I wonder if people don't like pencil drawings much lol, lots of people Favorite my Leo drawings but hardly anyone comments lol, hmm... :P
The Beginning
So I finally did it!! I finally drew the very beginning of it all!! This is what started Leo and I!! I've probably explained it somewhere before on another drawing I've uploaded on here, but I'll explain it again here cuz this is it lol... Every Ninja Turtles fan has their own favorite Turtle with their own reasons why... For me, it's a deeply personal reason that has so much meaning to me that it's hard to fully describe in words, why Leo is my favorite... STORY TIME!! lol

So I've always been a Ninja Turtles fan growing up. I have siblings that grew up in the 80s (Im a 1991 baby lol), and they influenced a lot of my interests, including Ninja Turtles cuz they watched the original cartoon as kids!! I myself grew up on the NES game, the 90's movies, a few episodes here and there of the 80s cartoon, and the 2003 cartoon. The 2003 cartoon reboot is where this whole story begins!! (hmm... let me do the math really quick... I must have been around 13 years old? somewhere around that age, pre-teens or early teens?) Through my whole early childhood, Mikey was always my favorite of the 4 Turtles, cuz he's crazy and funny and he's the one that makes most of the jokes. The first reboot they did of the Turtles was in 2003, it had more of a "comic book" style to it, I watched it all the time on Saturday morning cartoons and loved it. Now, I'm not sure exactly WHEN this occurred, but it was sometime after the release of this show on tv when I had a dream. In my dream, I was drowning... And all of a sudden Leo comes to my rescue, saves me from drowning, and carries me out of the water in his arms. It was kind of surprising to me that I had this dream, but it's always been one of my more personal favorite and important dreams Ive had. At the time, I had no idea why I had this dream, and why Leo? Why not Mikey, since he was always my favorite? Idk... And to this day, I still don't know why exactly... But, ever since I had that dream, Leo has been my favorite Ninja Turtle!! I honestly like to think that Leo is my guardian spirit or angel, my protector, my love, all of that combined... <3

It wasn't until late 2014/early 2015 (after the live action reboot released), that I started to get some different emotions and thoughts about Leo after I watched the 2014 movie again for the 2nd time (that was actually the night before my college graduation lmao!)... I started to feel more intrigued in him and my love of the Ninja Turtles was rekindled after many years. I guess I had gotten attracted to his new look (in my opinion, the new live action Turtles look more like adults rather than teenagers, which is why I love their new look), and this attraction kind of weirded me out at first cuz I didn't really understand it then. In 2015, I watched all of the 80s cartoon, and rewatched most of the 2003 cartoon, as well as the 90s movies of course!! And I noticed traits and characteristics that were consistent in Leo's personality in each version, and my weird fascination turned to a crush, and eventually the crush turned into a more deeper crush on a more personal level. I learned to accept the fact that I was attracted to an anthro giant mutant ninja turtle lol!! Yes, I fell in love with a fictional character lol, but I'm sure I'm not the only Ninja Turtles fan on here that is in love with their favorite Turtle lol!! ;) And wants to get down n dirty with him lmao! I mean, hell! They are even more hot in the 2016 movie!! Talk about ripped n sexy!! Anyway... I started thinking of fan fiction and role play, and forming an actual story around my dream that sparked all of this.

So here's a rundown of the STORY part of this, based off of my dream...
Kiki (thats me, and also the character I based myself off of) was kidnapped by the Foot Clan, Karai was holding her hostage down at the docks near the Hudson River, Leo shows up and a fight breaks out, Karai throws Kiki into the river to cause a distraction for Leo so that her and the Foot Clan could escape. Kiki is drowning, Leo jumps in and swims down to her, brings her back up to the surface, swims back to the docks and carries Kiki out of the water in his arms. She isn't breathing, and he performs CPR on her, he revives her, and that's how they meet!! There's more to the story after that, but that's basically what this drawing is picturing!! And I use the 2016 version of the Turtles for this story cuz they look like adults, and I'm a young adult, and I like them to be older than me or around the same age lol!! *kisses Leo as he wraps his arms around me protectively*

Anyway, sorry for the long story, but hope you enjoyed it!! Now I'm going to go cuddle my Leo plush from Build a Bear and go to sleep cuddling my little hero lol. Please leave comments!! ^_^
Deepest love and thoughts and prayers for the family of Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie... 2 deaths in 2 days... I feel so bad for their family and friends... :( <3
It's a sad day for us Star Wars fans... As if 2016 hadn't already done enough to kill my childhood when Professor Snape died (Alan Rickman), it had to go and kill Princess Leia too... RIP Carrie Fisher... The Force was always strong with you and will continue to be! We will sincerely miss you!


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